As always, the pounds are full and we have a queue of dogs waiting to come into safety with us.  But, as we are a foster based rescue with no kennel spaces, before we can bring these dogs into our care, we urgently need foster homes for them.  There have been many, many dogs being surrendered to pounds here and in Ireland.   We are having to turn away urgent appeals for help as we do not have enough foster homes.  Please, if you live in Southern England and would like to undertake this very worthwhile and rewarding role, get in contact by filling in and emailing back our Fostering Application and help us to help these dogs who are desperately in need. 



Very Pretty Saluki x Lurcher



This beautiful girl has recently arrived from the pound.  She is another young dog at about 2 years old.  Tulip is very slight of build and weighs 20 kilos though she could do with putting on a few more kilos in weight.  She has just been spayed and she has been microchipped and is fully vaccinated.

She is in foster in Surrey with other sighthounds and mixes well with all dogs.

Her foster Mommy says this about her....

Tulip is such a good girl. She is clean and can be left and can be crated if necessary though she doesn't chew or damage if left out.

She is quite nervous of sudden movement by humans or raised hands and she will run and scuttle away as fast as she can. Poor little girl has obviously been mistreated in her past.

She can be playful, she can be quiet. She would make a good first time sighthound for someone. I feel with someone around a fair bit of the time she could be an only dog though ideally she would have another hound for company. She is still very thin, and like so many salukis and saluki crosses, she struggles to put on weight but she has a good appetite so I am sure once she has recovered fully from her spay operation she will gradually get a bit of meat on her bones. I really like this girl and I hope someone comes along soon to giver her a forever home and some stability in her life.



Stunning Lurcher Girl



Meet Fiona,or FiFi as we call her.  This girl is stunning and a very lovely girl she is too in character.  She is very happy and friendly and loves everyone and everything. She is currently in foster in Surrey with other sighthounds and she does like to play but equally will take herself off to a quiet spot. We think FiFi is about 2 years old. She has been spotlessly clean in the house since she arrived and she isn't given to barking either.  We are able to leave her for 3 hours at a time and possibly a bit longer.  She is being spayed tomorrow and once recovered from that, she will be ready for a forever home.  She is already microchipped and fully vaccinated.



Saluki Cross Lurcher


Gorgeous Daisy is anothe unwanted dog saved from the pound and now in foster with many other dogs, both sighthounds and mixed breeds. She is quite young at possibly no more than 1 year old.   She has just been spayed and is already vaccinated and microchipped. 

Her foster Mommy says........
Daisy is a young Saluki cross - possibly with Collie and Whippet, about 2 years old, very petite - just 21.5 inches to the shoulder.
 She is very gentle, loving and lively. She walks well on a lead and harness but sometimes gets excited when she sees other dogs in the distance. This is easily controlled when she's on her own. She always greets dogs in a polite, friendly matter whether on or off lead. She loves playing with other dogs both in and outside the house.
  Daisy is a quick learner. She is attending training classes and is working towards her bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen award.  In just 2 lessons she has learned to Sit, Down, Stay, Leave and to walk to heel. She takes treats very gently.
She can be left for a couple of hours in the company of another dog and does not get distressed   
Daisy is clean in the house and sleeps in her own bed. She is friendly with people and loves nice children (over six years old please).
   She loves running free and her recall is improving, she is more reliable when she's running with another dog.

So what sort of home does Daisy dream of?  
Lots of love and cuddles
A good varied diet (she is fed mostly raw in her foster home)
   Plenty of free running in safe enclosed areas.
   At least one young dog to play with   
Coats and jumpers for cold weather   
A warm and comfortable home with access to sofas
 and maybe some nice children, please.

Daisy is a perfect gem of a dog and deserves a wonderful home of her own.



Small Whippet x Lurcher 

Sweet little Susie waiting for her forever home. She is in foster in Surrey.  She is very gentle and very little and gets on very well with other dogs.  She is microchipped, vaccinated and spayed.

Foster mommy says...

Susie is such a good girl.  She is clean in the house and can be left for a few hours and doesn't chew. She doesn't mind car journeys.  She is very happy and would love a home with another dog to play with or a home on her own with a family who were active and spent time with her.  She is only about 20 kilos in weight and we do struggle to get weight on her but she is totally healthy.

Susie continues to get barky at the ferrets so I would say that she is not small furry friendly, although she is not throwing herself at the bars and she does come away also when called.  I think with time she would just ignore them.


Susie is a fab little dog but unfortunately I doubt if she will ever be able to go off lead as there is just no acknowledgement when you call her.  She is clean in the house, sleeps through the night and is not destructive.  Susie is a real cuddlebug.  She is not a real foodie so training may take longer because of this.  Susie could be an only dog but I think she would really like to  live with a calm dog for company.  Susie is a noisy player when she plays with another playful dog so probably not a good idea to rehome with another player in the household, unless of course you have no neighbours to upset!  She will quite happily amuse herself if she has toys to play with.  I think someone with a little sighthound knowledge would be best for this girl.
 Susie is a pleasure to foster.



Another Fawn Stunner


 Alex is a foxy girl so thank goodness this beauty was rescued by the skin of her teeth from a pound in Ireland.  She is really friendly with both other dogs and people, good with children, walks well on the lead and is clean in the house.  Alex likes being groomed, travels well and is playful and very loving.  Her foster Mum says she is the perfect house guest!

Alex is approximately 25 inches to the shoulder and about two years old, vaccinated, micro chipped and spayed.  If you have never owned a sight hound before then Alex would be a good choice as this girl is nigh on perfect.

Her foster mom says..

Alex continues to be a sweetheart; she has been great with the two new arrivals , such a friendly girl. Alex has found her inner puppy and it is a real joy to see.

Alex remains the perfect house guest and is slowly learning how to show affection without being over the top(with us anyway) she really does love her people and I hope someone will see how wonderful she is soon and give her the forever home that she so deserves.



Tiny Whippet X Lurcher  Cat Friendly





Velvet is only 7 months old and tiny.  Almost clean in the house. Ready for adoption now.  She is fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Her foster Mommy says...

She's just an all round lovely girl.   She is so happy and confident in spite of all the moves, she behaves as if she's always been here.  She went to the vets on Friday to keep Rosie company, and was equally happy making friends with everyone there!  And I now know that Velvet weighs 12kg!
Velvet continues to be good downstairs at night, and is clean overnight too.  She has had a couple of accidents in the house during the day as she doesn't really ask to go out and often doesn't actually go when I do let her out.  I'm sure she will get there soon though, she seems to be a quick learner.  She has picked up all our routines around the house really quickly.
Velvet really likes being with the kids and is very happy being stroked and petted by them.  Like any normal pup she would like to play with them too but is having to learn that you can't treat kids as you treat other dogs.  The kids make a bit more of a fuss when chewed and Velvet is now getting the message - I think we will soon be able to say she is 100% child friendly.
Velvet has still not shown any interest in Bella the cat, although she hasn't been around much as Prince has decided to have a cat-chasing phase...  But out on walks she also ignores them, she is much more interested in meeting new people and dogs.
Thinking about the feedback Velvet came with - I have to say, like Moira, I have found her recall to be pretty good for a 7 month old pup!  She invariably comes enthusiastically when called, although of course she hasn't been off the lead, but I haven't seen any reason to think she won't have good recall with her forever family once she has bonded with them.  Velvet does throw herself at closed doors when she wants to get through them - although it's usually when I've shut her in the living room area and the doors open in so she hasn't been able to open them.  Hopefully this means she will lose this habit as I never open the door when she's doing it.  Usually she will give up and settle down after a couple of minutes.
I also can't believe there aren't people queueing up for Velvet, although of course it is early days for her.  But she really is a beautiful, fun, bright, enthusiastic and friendly pup who is going to make a great little dog for someone!  Hopefully sooner rather than later!



Gorgeous Happy Black Beauty



 Probably a Labrador Cross, this black beauty is happy and smiling.  She is clean and not destructive.  She wants so much to bond to "her" person.  She will make a loyal and affectionate companion.  Ready for a forever home now.  She has had all her vaccinations and is microchipped.  She walks well on a lead and doesn't pull.  Lady can be left for a few hours with no problems.  She is not a barker!  She absolutely adores people and wants nothing more than to stand by you with her head in your lap!



Greyhound Lurcher


Another unwanted waif, Cher was in a high kill pound in Ireland.  Thankfully she was spotted by an Irish rescue and taken under their wing.  Now she is in foster in Buckinghamshire and what a poppet this girl is.  We can honestly find nothing negative to say about her.  She is totally clean in the house, affectionate, gentle, calm, doesn't chew, can be left, gets on with other dogs - just about perfect.  So good her foster Mom doesn't know she is there!  Cher is only young perhaps 2 years old and has been vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.  She is looking for a forever home with another dog for company and someone around for a lot of the day, although she is also good to be left. She loves people and will make a wonderful first sighthound for someone lucky enough to adopt her.