This year, more than ever before, lurchers and other sighhounds are ending up in pounds awaiting their fate.  We try to help as many as we can. But, as we are a foster based rescue with no kennel spaces, before we can bring these dogs into our care, we urgently need foster homes for them.  There have been many, many dogs being surrendered to pounds here and in Ireland.   We are having to turn away desperate appeals for help as we do not have enough foster homes.  Please, if you live in Southern England and would like to undertake this very worthwhile and rewarding role, get in contact by filling in and emailing back our Fostering Application and help us to help these dogs who are desperately in need.  Do scroll down as we have many new dogs arriving with us soon.


Pretty Older Lurcher Girl



Lovely Gracie was homed by us 2 years ago to an older adopter. Sadly his health is failing so Gracie has to find a new home.  She is about 8 years old now, is good on a lead, has recall and is totally clean. She is fine to be left and likes nothing more than to lie around all day till her walks!  She is nervous of fireworks, like many dogs but that is about her only problem!  She loves people and would like nothing better than a new retirement home where she can get all the fuss and attention.  Gracie is vaccinated and neutered, microchipped and wormed.



Stunning Red Brindle Girl


 Gemma is a 2 -3 yar old saluki cross. She was adopted from us a few weeks ago but sadly her adopters feel she is not being accepted by the other dogs in the house and is unhappy. so they have asked us to put her back on the adoptable list. Gemmas adopters are kindly fostering her until a new home is found. This is what they say about her..

Gemma is keen to greet visitors but is not over the top (very polite in her greeting). She doesn't bark when the door knocks, but she does bark when she spots the neighbours cats (definitely not cat or small furry friendly). She tolerates having a bath very well and is generally tolerant when receiving treatment or whilst undergoing examination (vets for example).
Gemma has a good appetite (certainly not fussy) but not greedy either. I do use treats when on a walk to reward her for giving me her attention and I use this method when we spot other dogs, rewarding only if she has not barked at the dog and gave me her attention when asked. She is not food aggressive and will leave the others food if gently asked. She is not destructive and can be left for reasonable periods without incident. Like many Lurchers she does 'steal' stuff from time to time and tends to either take it to her bed or out in the garden. So far she's been interested in laundry and I often find whilst pegging it out she's made off with an item from the basket! Gemma is affectionate but not demanding of it and although shy I suspect would bond to her person. She is a sensitive soul and seems to pick up on her environment. She is very bright and a fast learner and responds to training well. She likes the sea although can't swim, but due to the fact she's a long legged lass she can go out quite far chasing after which ever dog has ventured out to retrieve their ball. She likes to be chased as well as doing the chasing and is rather clumsy in her movement. Less gracious and more clown-like at times. It's almost like she hasn't learned to use those long legs properly yet.  She is confident with new situations but not dominant. She is completely clean in the house and will approach the back door if she needs to go to use the toilet. She is a fantastic traveller in the car on short and long journeys.



Very Pretty Young Girl


 Mavis is here!  She is so pretty and she is about 12 months old and definitely dog and people friendly.  She is quite small at 23 inches to the shoulder. Mavis is quiet and clean and could be happy as an only dog or with another dog for company.  Mavis is ready for a forever home now.




Saluki Cross Girl


This stunning Saluki cross Lurcher girl is called Pixie.  She is young -probably no more than 1 year old. She is totally dog and people friendly and clean and quiet too. She is just the nicest dog possible and hasn't put a paw wrong since coming into rescue.  She loves playing with the other dogs in her foster home but can also be an only dog.



Beautiful Lurcher Needing TLC

 She is a lovely friendly girl, happy with both people and dogs.  Molly has now had a full dental and her teeth are now lovely and clean again!  She is such a lovely girl, quiet, clean, good in the house, good on a lead, excellent with people and dogs and very laid back -  she will have no trouble finding someone to love her forever.



Cute Lurcher Girl

Sally is very sweet pretty and small. Loves people.  Sally would be happiest as an only dog.  She is totally clean in the house and sleeps quietly through the night.  Sally loves to be with people and likes to snuggle up on a sofa and sleep the day away!  Sally has had all her vaccinations and would love to find a home where she can cuddle up and be loved.


Reserved - Elvira

Very Pretty Lurcher Girl

Can Live with A Cat  


Elvira is living with cats and other dogs in Ireland and is going into foster today with a cat and lurchers.  She will be going on a trial in a weeks time.



Little Saluki Lurcher

CAT FRIENDLY - Looking For A Special Home



* Name: Jasmine
* Sex: Female Neutered
* Approximate Age: about 3
* Height To The Shoulder (in inches): 23 inches
* Ok with other Dogs? Yes
* Cat Friendly? Yes
* Ok with kids? No they could scare her.
* Can she/he be an only dog? Shee would need another dog for company and confidence

Jasmine is a young gentle, quiet girl. She needs a calm home with people who will give her time to trust them and bond with them. Jasmine needs to go to a home with another dog to give her confidence.  She would be happiest in a home where someone was around for most of the day. Jasmine is living with cats and is fine with them.   Resident children may be a bit much for Jasmine but she is child friendly and would be fine with gentle visiting children.  She is vaccinated and neutered and ready to be adopted by a patient calm and experienced home.



Striking Lurcher Girl

* Name: Iona
* Sex: Female Neutered
* Approximate Age: about 4
* Height To The Shoulder (in inches): 26 inches
* Ok with other Dogs? Yes
* Cat Friendly? No
* Ok with kids? Older kids
* Can she/he be an only dog? Yes she can

Iona is a 4 year old female Lurcher. Iona is happily in foster with other dogs, but we feel she would be happiest homed as an only dog and having her humans all to herself! Iona is a loving, affectionate girl who bonds closely to her people and would make an ideal companion. She is housetrained and can be left but would prefer to have someone home with her most of the time for company. Iona walks well on her lead. Iona loves both to play and to snooze her day away on the sofa.
  She has waited so long.  She deserves a forever home where she will be loved for life, she will return the love given to her a hundred fold.


Reserved Enya

Pretty Whippet Cross Girl




* Name: Enya
* Sex: Female Neutered
* Approximate Age: about 6
* Height To The Shoulder (in inches): 24 inches
* Ok with other Dogs? Yes
* Cat Friendly? No
* Ok with kids? They may scare her.
* Can she/he be an only dog? She would need another dog for company

 This sweet girl was handed over along with Eamon above.  She is not big, about 24 inches to the shoulder and as you can see, very pretty.  Enya had a bad life in Ireland and she is a little shy of people she doesn't know, but is making good progress in her foster home. She needs to go to a home with another dog for confidence.  She is neutered and fully vaccinated and is ready for a forever home of her own.



Black Beauty!


Lauren is here!   And what a lovely girl she is too.  She is about 18 months old maximum but is a calm and gentle youngster.  She is spotlessly clean in the house and is a quiet girl.  She would be a great only dog but she has been in foster with many other sighthounds and gets on perfectly with them too.  A really easy first sighthound for some lucky person.




Lurcher Boy Who Was Abandoned in a Graveyard.

Lovely little Bertie was found abandoned in a graveyard in Surrey by a member of the public. She was not in a position to keep him so he ended up in kennels desperate for a Rescue space.  This is where we came in and we were delighted to offer him rescue and a great foster home. We think he is about 2 years old and 28 to the shoulder.

He is now neutered and we are thrilled to tell you he is living with a cat in his foster home.  Great with all dogs and people AND CAN LIVE WITH A CAT.  This boy is a gentle giant. 


 Coming Soon


Older Handsome Gentleman


This lovely boy was saved from a pound in Ireland and is getting his passport so that he can come to us at Lurcher SOS.  More soon.



Rough Coated Lurcher Girl


Shelly is a lovely fawn bridle rough coated girl of about 5 years. She is fine with dogs and clean in the house.  She is a quiet girl who has had a sad neglected life.  But she still loves and trusts people. Shelly will start her vaccinations soon and be ready for someone to spoil her and make up for her awful start in life.


Coming Soon


Whippet Girl


 Beautiful little Ella, saved from an Irish pound and due into Lurcher SOS in about 3 weeks time. Very small, very sweet and just gorgeous!


Reserved - Casper

Gorgeous White Saluki Cross Lurcher


Yet another unwanted pound boy.  Casper is here and getting along well with all the dogs in his foster home.  He shows no interest in the fosters ferrets either! He is booked in to be vaccinated and neutered on Monday so watch this space as we learn more about this boy from his foster Mom.


Reserved - Tigger 

4 Month Old Lurcher Puppy

Cat Friendly

Tigger was abandoned in a field - luckily we were able to offer him a rescue space.  He is a typical puppy, loves everyone and everything.  He is learning to be clean in the house but of course all training will be ongoing.  He is thin now but will soon be putting on weight. He has had his first vaccination and been wormed and deflead.  He is living with cats in his foster home so he is definitely cat friendly


Reserved - Poppet

Small Lurcher Girl Living Up to Her Name!


Gorgeous ex poundie Poppet certainly is one!  She is in foster with many other dogs and gets along so well with them.  She is a small girl, standing 23 inches to the shoulder.  Poppet is clean and non destructive and can be left.  We think she is 3 to 4 years old and loves to lie around but also loves her exercise.  We think Poppet would be happy living with other dogs or as an only dog.