As always, the pounds are full and we have a queue of dogs waiting to come into safety with us.  But, as we are a foster based rescue with no kennel spaces, before we can bring these dogs into our care, we urgently need foster homes for them.  There have been many, many dogs being surrendered to pounds here and in Ireland.   We are having to turn away urgent appeals for help as we do not have enough foster homes.  Please, if you live in Southern England and would like to undertake this very worthwhile and rewarding role, get in contact by filling in and emailing back our Fostering Application and help us to help these dogs who are desperately in need. 



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Stunning Saluki Lurcher Girl



Saluki x Whippet Lurcher



Betsy, was Margo, was adopted from us last year. Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances her owners are now finding it hard to give Betsy the attention and exercise she needs. They have asked us to help find a new home for Betsy as they feel it is in her best interests. Betsy will be staying with her owners until another home is found and they will be fully involved in deciding if applicants are suitable for Betsy. This is what Betsy's dad says about her:

Betsy is a 2/3year old saluki whippet she was found stray Ireland in an area known for hare coursers. Betsy has been in a home for approximately 14months with 2 other dogs and unfortunately due a change in circumstances needs to be re-homed. Betsy has been attending IMDT weekly dog obedience classes for around 12 months, and has good basic obedience she has also attended dog agility sessions. She walks loosely on the lead and is very bright and learns quickly, she has come very far in a short space of time but would benefit from continued training going forward as she enjoys it so much.
Betsy can be timid with new people but once she gets to know them she is fine. She can be anxious with strange dogs when approached when on the lead however this is improving. She has attended doggy day care to help socialisation in a pack environment. Once she gets to know other dogs she just wants to play and chase. Betsy is gentle around children although keeps her distance with more noisy ones. Betsy is not cat friendly and still has a quite a high prey drive, she will chase small furry creatures given the opportunity.
Betsys recall is coming along well she is being whistle trained however, as she is a saluki if there is something more interesting going on she sometimes has selective hearing! Her recall still needs more work but she can go off the lead in secure areas. She simply loves to run, play, zoom about and chase the birds. Betsy has been living with a whippet and retired greyhound and needs home with another dog and with people who have good experience and understanding of sight hounds or salukis.
Betsy would thrive in a home with someone who has the time to continue her training and has some safe space for her to run and burn off her energy and then snooze the afternoons away, preferably with someone that can be home for some of the day.



6 Year Old Lurcher Girl

In Foster in Essex


Carla is a 6-7 year old female Lurcher. She is 26 inches to the shoulder. Carla travels well, walks well on her lead and is settling in to her foster home. Carla loves people and is in foster with other dogs who she was a little nervous of at first but is getting used to and is much more confident after just a couple of days. She is neutered and fully vaccinated and looking for a nice forever home now.



Tri Color Saluki Cross Lurcher

In Foster in Surrey


This is what her Foster Mom says .....

Hattie is a good girl she walks nicely on lead, eats slowly and gently, is a complete cuddle monster, likes to play and is slowly showing her saluki side. She does seem to be bothered by the fireworks and has shown little interest in Elmo or the lizards. As for leaning on Lolo (their dog) she is a very brave girl, Lolo would normally take your head off for going near her never mind lying on her but she seemed quite happy on this occasion !!!!

Hattie is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.



Lovely Fun Loving Lurcher Girl

In Foster in Essex



Peaches is a 2 year old female Lurcher who was adopted from us several months ago and returned recently when her owners felt they were unable to continue with her training programme. Having been attacked twice by off lead dogs Peaches is fear reactive on walks and needs continued positive reward/distraction based training to boost her confidence when out of the home. Peaches needs experienced owners who are committed to continuing her training and will enrol her in and attend classes to help her overcome her only issue.

Peaches is housetrained, crate trained, non-destructive and well behaved in the house. She does enjoy watching TV and voicing her opinion on occasion so if the back of a golden head and a pair of silly ears blocking your view at times will be a problem she is not the dog for you. Peaches can be left for up to 4 hours. She eats calmly, will sit and give her paw for a treat and does not guard her toys. Peaches is in foster with several other dogs of various ages and breeds. She gets along well with all of them, from being the favourite playmate of 9 week old puppies to having the utmost gentleness and respect for an arthritic 11 year old. Peaches is cat friendly, she is in foster with 5 house cats. She adores all people of all ages but is probably best with slightly older children as she, despite being 25 inches at the shoulder, considers herself a lap dog.

Peaches thrives on positive interaction, cuddles and affection but she is not pushy.
Peaches would be happy in a home as an only dog or with doggy siblings, though she would need to be walked alone, at least at first, so her training can be continued. Peaches currently has one 30 - 45 min walk a day during which she is on lead and muzzled for her own safety. What she would love much more than walks is a large garden to run around in, an owner who will throw her toys to fetch and perhaps a paddling pool to splash in.
Peaches is a funny, loving, daft, sweet dog who deserves a forever home with people who are committed to her.



Beautiful Brindle Girl

In Foster In Surrey


 Gorgeous young girl probably no more than 10 months old, Tiger Lily is currently in foster with other sighthounds and guinea pigs and a parrot!  She is microchipped and vaccinated and is a happy smiley and lively girl who is on the small side.  Tiger Lily would be happiest in a home with another dog for company.  Tiger Lily is ready for a home now if anyone is looking for a beautiful brindle bundle!



Pretty Young Lurcher Girl

Fostered in Surrey



It's with regret that we have to announce Dillys is being returned. Neither Dillys, her adopters or Dean who was adopted with Dilly are to blame. The two dogs simply did not get on and keeping them together is proving too stressful for everyone and making the whole family unhappy.
Dilly is a happy, playful young lurcher. She is spayed, vaccinated and chipped.
Dillys walks well on the lead, is affectionate and would be happy as an only dog or with another steady bitch.
Dillys is coming back and in to a foster home this weekend where she will be further assesed and we will have a much better idea of the perfect home for her. Dilly was perfectly happy in her foster home with several female dogs so we suspect it may be that she is less happy with male dogs.



 Very Pretty Young Lurcher Girl

In Foster in Surrey



 Leyla is young, no more than 18 months old.  She is currently in foster with many sighthounds.  Leyla is clean in the home.  She can be crated with no fuss.  She isn't a chewer or a barker.  She sleeps quietly at night.  She would be happy as an only dog with someone around for company. She is affectionate and happy. She is fine with all dogs and can be playful but also likes to chill out.   Leyla has been vaccinated and microchipped and neutered.



Stunning Friendly Black Boy

In Foster in South Yorkshire


Peter is about 5 years old and 25 inches to the shoulder.  He is good on a lead and is clean in the house.  He is being neutered later this week and will be ready to go to a forever home.  He is currently living with sighthounds and a Doberman and a German Shepherd and is fine with all of them.  We think he is a saluki cross lurcher.  Peter is not cat friendly.  He could be an only dog or live with other dogs.  He is vaccinated and microchiped, wormed and deflead.


No More Applications - DARA

Handsome and Calm Lurcher Lad

In Foster in Surrey



Dear Dara has had a hard life and the scars covering his sweet body are testament to that awful life.  He is safe now in rescue with us and a sweeter gentler boy you could not wish to meet. From day 1 he has mixed and mingled with all the pack in his foster home, both the males and the females.  Dara is clean in the house and is very quiet and peaceful and calm.  He is left uncrated at night in the sitting room with another hound for company and there is not a peep out of him till he is let out in the morning.  He eats nicely and does not counter surf.  He walks beautifully on the lead. He is about 7 years old and would be an amazing friend and companion.  

Dara does have a high prey drive and is one of the few dogs we would be happy to home to a flat dweller without a garden, as Dara is very tempted by any cats or furries in neighboring gardens!  That aside, he has no other faults or imperfections.  Please don't overlook this boy because of his scars.  Let him know love and care and a forever sofa... hopefully yours..... soon.


No More Applications  ELMO

Whippet Cross Young Boy

In Foster in Hampshire


 Little Elmo found himself in a pound in Yorkshire.  Thankfully we have a foster home for him.  First he will be in kennels for two weeks while he gets his vaccinations.  He is no more than a year old, small and very friendly.  His foster Mommy says...

Elmo came with us to an Obedince trial today, and what a little star he was too. Great with all the dogs, big and small, calm in the car, happy to sit in his crate and watch the world go by. Good in the Pub, friendly with people. We could not fault him.

Last night he slept well in his bed in the bedroom, and soon learnt not to get on the bed and since we got home tonight he has been quiet and relaxed in the Armchair, although slightly concerned with the fireworks. He seems very well behaved but I expect there is a lively side waiting to appear!



Young Greyhound Girl

In Foster in Essex

Minnie is an ex racing greyhound from Ireland who has just arrived with us. She is just over 2 years old and quite dainty and very pretty.  Minnie is vaccinated, spayed and has a Pet Passport.  Here is what her foster Mom says about her...

Minnie Mouse has been with us a few days. She really is in great condition, her black bits are very sleek and shiny.

So far we have found, she likes countersurf and likes the dustbin. She is easy on the lead, does not mind traffic, ignores little dogs and is good with other dogs. At first she was anxious and it took her a long while to finally settle for a sleep. Minnie Mouse does not like fireworks, she refuses to go outside.

So far so good. We left her today for 2.5 hours and she was fine when we returned. 




Young Lurcher Boy


 This is what the Rescue in Ireland who currently have him say about his name and him...

Lucky because he was rescued off the M1 motorway after being hit by a car!   Two police cars had to corner him on the motorway and the warden managed to get him to come to him.    The wardens wanted him called Lucky!   A lovely boy not too big and is running with 5 other dogs of all sizes!   I saw him yesterday with them all and he was so happy.



Gorgeous Brindle Boy

Archie is not a Lurcher SOS dog but we will be vetting all the applications and homechecking on behalf of his owner, who sadly cannot meet Archies needs any more.


Archie is 10 months old and a Greyhound x Saluki lurcher.  He is a gorgeous silver brindle color and stands about 25 inches to the shoulder.  He is fully vaccinated.  His owner has had him since he was 8 weeks old.  He is clean in the house and not destructive.  He is very friendly and happy and playful and is good with other dogs.  He would benefit from more exercise and also meeting other dogs to play with.  Although we have not verified this, his owner tells us that Archie had got recall.  Can you give Archie a good home where he will get socialized and exercised more than his current owner can manage?