As always, the pounds are full and we have a queue of dogs waiting to come into safety with us.  But, as we are a foster based rescue with no kennel spaces, before we can bring these dogs into our care, we urgently need foster homes for them.  There have been many, many dogs being surrendered to pounds here and in Ireland.   We are having to turn away urgent appeals for help as we do not have enough foster homes.  Please, if you live in Southern England and would like to undertake this very worthwhile and rewarding role, get in contact by filling in and emailing back our Fostering Application and help us to help these dogs who are desperately in need. 



Lovely Fun Loving Lurcher Girl


Peaches is a 2 year old female Lurcher who was adopted from us several months ago and returned recently when her owners felt they were unable to continue with her training programme. Having been attacked twice by off lead dogs Peaches is fear reactive on walks and needs continued positive reward/distraction based training to boost her confidence when out of the home. Peaches needs experienced owners who are committed to continuing her training and will enrol her in and attend classes to help her overcome her only issue.

Peaches is housetrained, crate trained, non-destructive and well behaved in the house. She does enjoy watching TV and voicing her opinion on occasion so if the back of a golden head and a pair of silly ears blocking your view at times will be a problem she is not the dog for you. Peaches can be left for up to 4 hours. She eats calmly, will sit and give her paw for a treat and does not guard her toys. Peaches is in foster with several other dogs of various ages and breeds. She gets along well with all of them, from being the favourite playmate of 9 week old puppies to having the utmost gentleness and respect for an arthritic 11 year old. Peaches is cat friendly, she is in foster with 5 house cats. She adores all people of all ages but is probably best with slightly older children as she, despite being 25 inches at the shoulder, considers herself a lap dog.

Peaches thrives on positive interaction, cuddles and affection but she is not pushy.
Peaches would be happy in a home as an only dog or with doggy siblings, though she would need to be walked alone, at least at first, so her training can be continued. Peaches currently has one 30 - 45 min walk a day during which she is on lead and muzzled for her own safety. What she would love much more than walks is a large garden to run around in, an owner who will throw her toys to fetch and perhaps a paddling pool to splash in.
Peaches is a funny, loving, daft, sweet dog who deserves a forever home with people who are committed to her.



5 Month Old Lurcher Puppy


Rafa is another little waif and stray who is enjoying the comfort of Freya's special bed after his release from the pound. This pup is a real clown. He's more or less toilet trained and will go out to the garden even in the pouring rain to do his business and dash back in for a treat. All the dogs like him. He's having so much fun. Today he even got morose Pixie to play and run with him. I nearly fainted. I hope his forever home comes along soon so that they can enjoy his puppy antics and have a lot of laughs. One thing - he sleeps on my bed and never moves all night. His new person will have to offer same sleeping arrangements!!!  He is vaccinated and microchipped and ready to go!

A new update from his foster Mommy......

I think Rafa is going to be about Whippet sized - 20 inches to the shoulder when he's finished growing.  Definitely not a big dog

He's a quick learner - takes himself off into the garden to do his wees and poos.   His recall is coming along but he hasn't been off-lead in the field because he's so tiny he could get through the bars of the fence .
Time to start doing basic obedience with him because he's eager to learn.

I wish someone else was enjoying his puppy days

He's fully vaccinated, de-flead and wormed.  He won't be neutered until he's much older but I can arrange that, if necessary, when the time comes.

He's adorable and sleeps cuddled up to me at night and doesn't move.  Rafe needs to go to a home with another dog for confidence.

Perfect puppy, I'd say 



Older Girl Needing Some TLC 



This girl is 6 years old and has obviously been in the wars.  But she is adorable and hasn't really put a paw wrong since she went into foster. Please don't overlook her because she is a bit older.

Her Foster Mom Says..

Mercy is a lovely dog. She is no problem and has fitted in just great. Not a bark out of her, eats her dinner nicely, is clean, hasn't touched anything in the house, is loving, is calm, haven't tried her on the lead jet. It's been way to hot and I have not taken the dogs for a walk.
Had a BBQ and she was fine. Last 2 nights we had bad Thunderstorms and she did not react at all.

Mercy has no issues and she is the perfect house guest, a little sweetie. How anyone would not want a dog like her, is beyond me. She is very easy to have around.

She will be a super first dog, or second or third dog for someone. 

We took Mercy to our dog training classes today, to socialize her and meet the other dogs.
Apart from one little growl at my friends greyhound, she was fine and took it all in.
Later on Mercy and friends greyhound walked side by side and all growling was forgotten.

She walks perfectly on the lead, taking her for a walk is a pleasure. 



Beautiful Brindle Girl


 Gorgeous young girl probably no more than 10 months old, Tiger Lily is currently in foster with other sighthounds and guinea pigs and a parrot!  She is microchipped and vaccinated and is a happy smiley and lively girl who is on the small side.  Tiger Lily needs to go to a home with another dog for company.  Tiger Lily is ready for a home now if anyone is looking for a beautiful brindle bundle!



Stunning Lurcher Cross Girl

 Beautiful Iona is still waiting for a forever home.  She has waited over 1 year now and seen so many dogs find homes - she is never picked.  She is clean in the house, walks well on a lead, is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She can be left. She is playful but she can also be quiet.  Please someone choose Iona to be their soulmate.



Older Lurcher Lady





Poor Cassie found herself neglected and in a pound in her senior years.  Thankfully we were able to find a foster home for her.  She is a lovely quiet girl who walks well on a lead.  She is non destructive and can be left.  A perfect companion for someone wanting a gentle calm older girl of 8 to 10 in their life.


 Very Pretty Young Lurcher Girl



 Leyla is young, no more than 18 months old.  She is currently in foster with many sighthounds.  Leyla is clean in the home.  She can be crated with no fuss.  She isn't a chewer or a barker.  She sleeps quietly at night.  She would be happy as an only dog with someone around for company but could also live with other dogs. She is affectionate and happy. She is fine with all dogs and can be playful but also likes to chill out.   Leyla has been vaccinated and microchipped and neutered.



14 Week Old Puppy - Living with Cats



Please meet little Jack.  Jack is a 14 week old puppy who is one of "The Cyprus Six" six little puppies we took from a pound in Cyprus.

His foster Mommy is the best person to tell you about this sweet boy.  She says ........

Just popped by to say Jack is perfect. He is very greyhound like in personality at the moment, calm, relaxed, happy, quite lazy. He like s a cuddle but doesnt demand, then he melts in to you when you snuggle him  love He settles in his crate with a little kong full of ND. Hes getting the hang of house training. He's great with the cats. Great with the dogs. Great with all people. Counter surfs. Knows his name. Is not posesive with toys. An all round nice, gentle, well balanced puppy that would fit just about any home.

 Jack will need a forever home with someone around most of the day to continue with his training.  He is vaccinated, has a Pet Passport, is microchipped and ready for a forever home.  Dont miss out on the wonderful puppy days as they do grow quickly and this is one of the best times - while they are babies.



Silver Grizzle Saluki x Whippet



 Beautiful young Lily is about 18 months old.  She is in foster in Bucks and is clean in the house already!  She also sleeps throughout the night and gives her foster mom no trouble. Lily needs to go to a home with another dog.  Her foster Mom says...

She plays well with both Tilly & Cher and is just a happy go lucky lurcher. She has the odd bark at the ferrets but on the whole ignores them now.  She is clean in the house and she walks well on lead, gets on well with other dogs and just loves her cuddles on the sofa.

*************************** ********************************


Another Little Saluki Cross Lurcher Boy




Gorgeous little Chandler is just the sweetest boy.  He is just a baby really and should never have ended up in a pound.  Besides being gorgeous eye candy, he is sweet and loveable.  He sleeps thru the night and in the morning his crate is clean and dry.  He likes his food and shows signs of being a counter surfer!  Playful and happy, he gets along with all the dogs he meets.  Chandler has at some time been treated badly as he is quite nervous of people though with time this is getting better. He would be happiest in an all female household.  He does need to go to a home with another dog for confidence.  He will NOT be homed as an only dog.Chandler is neutered vaccinated and microchipped and ready for a forever home now.



 Glossy Coated Small Lurcher Boy


 Shadow is not very big - he's about 24 inches to the shoulder and is of a very slight build.  Fine with people and dogs he is now in foster with many sighthounds.  He is happy and sleeps the night in his crate.  He is doing so well.  He is a young boy no more than 18 months and is a happy playful soul.  He has been vaccinated castrated and microchipped and is ready to move to his own furever home now.


Reserved PADDY

Sweet Young Lurcher Boy


Another waif, Paddy was saved from the pound in Ireland and is here with us now.  He is a lovely boy, affectionate and sweet natured.  He loves people but we can tell he has suffered a hard life before.  He is a good boy and can be crated and left for up to 4 hours.  Paddy is living with many dogs in his foster home, but he would be very happy to be an only dog and getting all the love and attention to himself.  Paddy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is ready to be someone's best friend.



Stunning Friendly Black Boy


We are just waiting for an update from Peters foster Mommy and will tell you all about him very soon!


Arriving September 21st


Gorgeous Striking Lurcher Girl





Handsome and Calm Lurcher Lad



Dear Dara has had a hard life and the scars covering his sweet body are testament to that awful life.  He is safe now in rescue with us and a sweeter gentler boy you could not wish to meet. From day 1 he has mixed and mingled with all the pack in his foster home, both the males and the females.  Dara is clean in the house and is very quiet and peaceful and calm.  He is left uncrated at night in the sitting room with another hound for company and there is not a peep out of him till he is let out in the morning.  He eats nicely and does not counter surf. He walks beautifully on the lead. He is about 7 years old and would be an amazing fried and companion.  

Dara does have a high prey drive and is one of the few dogs we would be happy to home to a flat dweller without a garden, as Dara is very tempted by any cats or furries in neighboring gardens!  That aside, he has no other faults or imperfections.  Please don't overlook this boy because of his scars.  Let him know love and care and a forever sofa... hopefully yours..... soon.



Young Cat Friendly Rough Coated Boy




Cyprus Puppy No. 3


Let me introduce you to Chloee.  Chloe is a 14 week old puppy who is one of "The Cyprus Six" six little puppies we took from a pound in Cyprus.  She is foster with other lurchers at the moment.

Her foster Mommy is the best person to tell you about this sweet girl.  She says this about her ........

Chloe exceptionally well behaved.  She's certainly a very placid girl and she was absolutely wonderful with my mum yesterday.

The Cyprus pups do all seem to be very well behaved.  Chloe has certainly been the easiest pup I've had so far.  She is happy to play with the others, but equally happy to spend time on her own.  She has a couple of special places that she likes to lie with a toy or nylabone and is no problem what so ever.

Chloe is growing fast.

 Chloe will need a forever home with someone around most of the day to continue with her training.  She is vaccinated, has a Pet Passport, is microchipped and ready for a forever home.  Don't miss out on the wonderful puppy days as they do grow quickly and this is one of the best times - while they are babies.


Coming Soon!