As always, the pounds are full and we have a queue of dogs waiting to come into safety with us.  But, as we are a foster based rescue with no kennel spaces, before we can bring these dogs into our care, we urgently need foster homes for them.  There have been many, many dogs being surrendered to pounds here and in Ireland.   We are having to turn away urgent appeals for help as we do not have enough foster homes.  Please, if you live in Southern England and would like to undertake this very worthwhile and rewarding role, get in contact by filling in and emailing back our Fostering Application and help us to help these dogs who are desperately in need. 




Older Girl Needing Some TLC 


This girl is 6 years old and has obviously been in the wars.  But she is adorable and hasn't really put a paw wrong since she went into foster. Please don't overlook her because she is a bit older.

Her Foster Mom Says..

Mercy is a lovely dog. She is no problem and has fitted in just great. Not a bark out of her, eats her dinner nicely, is clean, hasn't touched anything in the house, is loving, is calm, haven't tried her on the lead jet. It's been way to hot and I have not taken the dogs for a walk.
Had a BBQ and she was fine. Last 2 nights we had bad Thunderstorms and she did not react at all.

Mercy has no issues and she is the perfect house guest, a little sweetie. How anyone would not want a dog like her, is beyond me. She is very easy to have around.

She will be a super first dog, or second or third dog for someone. 

We took Mercy to our dog training classes today, to socialize her and meet the other dogs.
Apart from one little growl at my friends greyhound, she was fine and took it all in.
Later on Mercy and friends greyhound walked side by side and all growling was forgotten.

She walks perfectly on the lead, taking her for a walk is a pleasure. 


NO More Applications Being Taken

Tiger Lily

Beautiful Brindle Girl


 Gorgeous young girl probably no more than 10 months old, Tiger Lily is currently in foster with other sighthounds and guinea pigs and a parrot!  She is microchipped and vaccinated and is a happy smiley girl who is on the small side.  Tiger Lily is ready for a home now if anyone is looking for a beautiful brindle bundle!



Very Neglected Lurcher Boy Doing Well in Foster Now!



Dean is ready for a forever home now.  His foster Mom says .....

Dean is very settled and has seen Harvey now Arthur arrive (and be homed) and also Tilly. He's accepted the new dogs very readily. He's bomb proof with dogs and has no aggression issues at all.
He's very eager to please you and does like being with you but is happy to settle down with the other dogs once he's been fed and out (as you can see in the photo Dean is on the right.)
Dean thrives on a steady routine and will let you know if his tea is late. As I've said before he LOVES his food.
You wouldn't know now he's had an injury to his tail, other than it being shorter, as it's fully healed and the hair has grown back on it. He's a totally different colour now as most of his yellow fluff has been replaced by a sandy, smooth coat.
Dean has no issues in a large pack. I feel Dean would do best as an only dog with someone around most of the time as he loves being laid on his bed watching you do jobs, or in a home with 1 or 2 dogs. He's had a rubbish life so far and he loves attention and being involved in everything that's happening. It's impossible to walk all my lot at once and Dean gets upset when he gets left behind and the other dogs go out without him.
Most of my dogs haven't had a bad life and they're used to being in a pack and sharing my time but Dean hasn't had that and I feel in a home with just 1 or 2 dogs his new owner could really spoil him and give him all the love and care he's missed out on so far in his life.
All we need now is for someone to offer him a home as so far he's not had anyone ask about him.



Stunning Lurcher Cross Girl

 Beautiful Iona is still waiting for a forever home.  She has waited over 1 year now and seen so many dogs find homes - she is never picked.  She is clean in the house, walks well on a lead, is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She can be left. She is playful but she can also be quiet.  Please someone choose Iona to be their soulmate.



Older Lurcher Lady





Poor Cassie found herself neglected and in a pound in her senior years.  Thankfully we were able to find a foster home for her.  She is a lovely quiet girl who walks well on a lead.  She is non destructive and can be left.  A perfect companion for someone wanting a gentle calm older girl of 8 to 10 in their life.


 Very Pretty Young Lurcher Girl



Leyla has only recently arrived.  She is young, no more than 18 months old.  She is currently in foster with sighthounds.  Leyla is clean in the home.  She can be crated with no fuss.  She isn't a chewer or a barker.  She sleeps quietly at night.  She would be best suited to an experienced sighthound owner.  She would be happiest as an only dog with someone around for company. She is affectionate and happy. She is fine with all dogs and is very playful.   Leyla has been vaccinated and microchipped and neutered.



Gorgeous Lurcher Boy 



This boy is about 1 year old, he is fully vaccinated, castrated and microchipped and has a Pet Passport. Emmet could be an only dog with someone around for company most of the time.  Ready now for a forever home..

This is what foster mum says about him:

This boy is a total absolute babe. Beside being incredibly pretty to the point of almost looking like a girl he just has the nicest personality I have come across in ages.

Emmet continues to settle in well. He slept all night in a dog bed in bedroom and we all got a good sleep! He was fine in his crate for an hour this morning though and will have to do another 3 hours this evening.
He loves to play and is seldom to be seen without a toy in his mouth. He is a bit of a shredder though so all the best toys have been hidden away and he can destroy all the old ones we have had for years - good excuse to go toy shopping next Paws in the Park!  He does have to be watched as he is very 'curious' about house hold objects but is fast learning what are toys and what are not, and just needs plenty of mental stimulation to stop him getting bored and in to trouble. He has not 'counter surfed' since here and responds instantly to 'off' , should he look like he might.
He is not too sure of traffic and tends to cross to the inside of me when cars come by and a bit worried about lots of children in the park playing a very noisy Rounders game, but in general he loves his walks, doesn't seem to have much prey drive and he wants to talk to every dog we see.



Silver Grizzle Saluki x Whippet




 Beautiful young Lily is about 18 months old.  She is in foster in Bucks and is clean in the house already!  She also sleeps throughout the night and gives her foster mom no trouble. Lily needs to go to a home with another dog.  Her foster Mom says...

She plays well with both Tilly & Cher and is just a happy go lucky lurcher. She has the odd bark at the ferrets but on the whole ignores them now.  She walks well on lead, gets on well with other dogs and just loves her cuddles on the sofa.



Pretty Dainty Little Lurcher Girl 

Tilly is the most gorgeous, pretty, small, dainty and wonderful little dog you could wish to meet. Currently recovering from her neutering, she will be ready for a forever home in about one week.  So far she is great with all dogs and people and is clean in the house.  Tilly is a happy, friendly, 3 year old girl. She is affectionate and gentle, and is good with all dogs she meets.  First update from Tillys foster Mom:
Not a peep from Tilly last night and when I went downstairs at 5.30am she was still fast asleep, bless her. She was so pleased to see me and went straight out to do a wee, no accidents overnight.
She's very fine, much more delicate than any of my whippets but mine are x greyhound. She's definitely got saluki ears. She's about 22inches to the shoulder in height.
This girl is an absolute diamond and whoever gets her will be blessed as she's beautiful inside and out.



Stunning Goldy Red Saluki Cross Boy



Marvin is a stunning Saluki cross Lurcher boy. He has been in foster now for 10 days and is ready for homing. Marvin has been neutered, he is chipped and vaccinated too. He is living with other dogs and regularly goes on walks with his dog walker foster Mom where he gets on with all shapes and sizes of dog. He is clean in the house and tho initially shy is coming out of his shell. Do fill in an Adoption Application if you are interested in this stunning boy as I don't think he is going to hang around for long. His foster Mom says....

Marvin is adorable. VERY quiet in the house, but coming out of his shell more now after 10 days. He LOVES to sleep! Completely housetrained, he has not had a single 'accident'. He DOES counter surf, and will go to pinch food off the coffee table if not supervised. He sleeps downstairs on his own, and has not made a sound when left at bed time since the day he arrived! He greets us with a wagging tail, and bounces around the other dogs in the mornings in greeting. He has also not chewed anything. He walks fantastically on the lead and does not pull.

He has been great with our four resident dogs, who are generally pretty calm. He has also been great meeting all my client dogs (I am a dog walker), although if they are running around us he will occasionally go to nip them as they run past, but this is not aggressive, he just gets very excited. He does not do this to our dogs in the house/garden. He has also been to a couple of dog shows with me and was very well-behaved, although he can bark for attention occasionally. Marvin is not food possessive in any way with either humans or dogs, but he does love his food!

He is very interested in other animals and I would say he is not safe with cats. He also focuses quite intently on livestock from the other side of a fence. He also scours the bushes and hedgerows for rabbits. Recall is pretty much non-existent for the time being (he is not allowed off-lead while in foster) but he is pretty food-orientated, so that can be worked on. He does not respond to his name currently. Marvin is a jumper. He clears baby gates with ease from a standstill so has typical Saluki spring legs! He also 'sproinks' if he sees rabbits, and can stand on his hind legs pretty easily.

He has met children and seems completely nonplussed by them. He is generally quite aloof on meeting people (typical Saluki trait) but loves his cuddles. He does seem to be a little scared of traffic, and does shy away from cars passing him when walking on pavements. He is also not very keen on travelling in general, and was sick in the van on the first few days but that has now stopped. He still puts the brakes on when he realises it's time to get in the van but with time he will get used to it! He has got in of his own accord a few times so we're making progress...

All in all Marvin is a lovely boy who is now starting to show his true colours; he now playfights the hoomans in the house and is a lot more comfortable around us. But whoever takes him on must realise that some of the Saluki traits ARE there (aloofness especially), and that it might take some time to bond with this beautiful boy.



Another Little Saluki Cross Lurcher Boy



Gorgeous little Chandler has just arrived.  He is just a baby really and should never have ended up in a pound.  Besides being gorgeous eye candy, he is sweet and loveable.  Last night he slept thru with only one toilet break and in the morning his crate was clean and dry.  He likes his food and shows signs of being a counter surfer!  Playful and happy, he gets along with all the dogs he meets.  Chandler is neutered vaccinated and microchipped and ready for a forever home now.



 Glossy Coated Small Lurcher Boy


 Shadow is not very big - he's about 24 inches to the shoulder and is of a very slight build.  Fine with people and dogs he is now in foster with many sighthounds.  He is happy and sleeps the night in his crate without soiling.  He is doing so well.  He is a young boy no more than 18 months and is a happy playful soul.  He has been vaccinated castrated and microchipped and is ready to move to his own furever home now.


Dogs Coming Soon!




Sweet Young Lurcher Boy




No More Applications Being Taken


Whippet or Whippet Cross

(we will know for sure once she arrives!)




Beautiful Gentle White Boy



Stunning Friendly Black Boy