As always, the pounds are full and we have a queue of dogs waiting to come into safety with us.  But, as we are a foster based rescue with no kennel spaces, before we can bring these dogs into our care, we urgently need foster homes for them.  There have been many, many dogs being surrendered to pounds here and in Ireland.   We are having to turn away urgent appeals for help as we do not have enough foster homes.  Please, if you live in Southern England and would like to undertake this very worthwhile and rewarding role, get in contact by filling in and emailing back our Fostering Application and help us to help these dogs who are desperately in need.  Do scroll down as we have many new dogs arriving with us soon.



Lurcher x Collie Girl

In Foster in Surrey



Meet beautiful young Rosie who has just arrived with us today.  She is a medium sized girl at 24 inches to the shoulder. And no more than 16 months old.  She is happy and playful and gets along great with the other dogs in her foster home. Rosie loves playing with a ball and will fetch it to you as well.  She is a bright girl and knows sit and paw and leave it.  We think that Rosie will have recall too.  She is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and we are now taking applications for this gorgeous girl.



Little Saluki Lurcher


In foster in Essex. 


Young female. Gentle, quiet girl. Needs a calm home with people who will give her time to trust them and bond with them. Jasmine needs to go to a home with another dog to give her confidence.  She would be happiest in a home where someone was around for most of the day. Jasmine is living with cats and is fine with them.   Resident children may be a bit much for Jasmine but she is child friendly and would be fine with gentle visiting children.


2x 17 Week Old Saluki X Puppies

Nouri, Faris


Nouri - In Foster in Surrey

Faris In Foster in Surrey

Nouri on the left and Faris on the right snoozing!

Nouri and Faris are male Saluki x puppies. They can live with dogs, cats and dog savvy children over 6. They will need someone home most of the time as they cannot be left for long at such a young age. Each puppy needs to go to a home with another dog and to a sighthound experienced adopter.
The puppies are learning house training and are quiet at night.  They will need ongoing training, exceptional amounts of love, time and positive re-enforcement.
They are affectionate, loving, playful and happy pups.
The boys are in foster in Surrey.

Both boys are living with cats.
Foster mum says:
Each one has their own different character.  Faris is quite mature and sensible and a very fast runner. Nouri is adorable and a real little mini saluki who doesn't like being out if it cold.

The boys went to school again last night and they are doing really well. Faris would still prefer that the other puppies kept their distance but is much braver than he was. Nouri loves it. They both did excellent recalls off the lead - we have been practising-, they can do sit, down and stand like real professionals and heel work is not bad. They tend to keep up a running commentary much to the amusement of everyone there.


Reserved  Honey

Very Pretty Young Girl


Honey is about 3 years old.  She came to us from an Irish pound.  She is vaccinated, microchipped and ready for a forever home.  Her foster mommy says....

Honey continues to be the perfect house guest. She has been clean in the house eats nicely, sings sweetly and is slowly coming out of her shell. Honey is a sweetheart of a dog who is pretty much perfect. She walks nicely on a lead, is clean in the house, loves attention and cuddling up on the sofa. Her only small fault is that she will raid bins  -  this is easily resolved by not having any accessible to her . She loves her food but has no food aggression . She gets on fine with all dogs she has met but is more interested in people and I think she would be fine as an only dog or with other dogs.



Striking Lurcher Girl

In Foster in Surrey

Iona is a 3 1/2 year old female Lurcher. Iona was adopted from us last year but was sadly recently returned because the other dog in the home did not get on with her. For this reason, although Iona is happily in foster with other dogs, we feel she needs to be homed as an only dog. Iona is a loving, affectionate girl who bonds closely to her people and would make an ideal companion as an only pet. She is housetrained and can be left for short periods but would prefer to have someone home with her most of the time for company. Iona walks well on her lead and needs to be kept on lead for walks. Iona loves both to play and to snooze her day away on the sofa.
Iona was very unsettled and distressed by the move back to foster care and is missing her adopter. She deserves a forever home where she will be loved for life, she will return the love given to her a hundred fold.



Young Happy Lurcher Boy

Can Live with Confident Dog Savvy Cat

In Foster in Buckinghamshire



 Lucky came to LSOS in December and is from Ireland. He is vaccinated, neutered  and ready and waiting for his forever home.  He could live with a confident dog savvy cat.
He really is a very Lucky boy as was rescued from a motorway after being clipped by a car (he only suffered a graze). The dog warden called him Lucky due to his narrow escape .
Lucky is a white/tan young adult probably no more than a year old as his behavior can still be quite puppyish. He is medium height at 25 inches to the shoulder.
He is full of energy and loves nothing better than a game of bitey face with the other dogs in his foster home and doesn't have a bad bone in his body.  He walks well on the lead; he has not been let off lead yet.
Lucky would best suit an active/busy household that can keep up with him and maybe another dog for company. He can be homed with children from 14 upwards.
He is crate trained and sleeps quietly through the night and is house trained with only the odd accident since his arrival with LSOS. 
He does counter surf and raid the bin if he can, but he is still young and excitable so this so training will stop this.

Lucky is ready for his new home and a new adventure.



Pretty Small Young Lurcher Girl

Fostered in Surrey



Little Dillys came to LSOS in October 2014 from a pound in Hertfordshire.
She is a pretty tan and white girl, very petite ( larger than a whippet, smaller than a greyhound) and stands at approx. 23 inches to the shoulder. She is around 2 to 3 years old and is spayed, microchipped, wormed and vaccinated. She weighs 19.5kg.
Dillys is an absolute poppet, loving and friendly says her foster mum. She is playful but not over the top with other dogs in the house, clean in the house and crate trained if required, but not necessary as she is good left out and non destructive.
She is enthusiastic and pleased to see everyone. Dillys loves people and will be a loyal companion for her new owners.
Dillys would be happy as an only dog as long as she got plenty of love and cuddles or can be homed with another dog for company. She walks well on the lead and enjoys her walks so she can meet new dog friends.
As dainty Dillys has been in foster a while now, she is bonding with her foster mum so would be good for her to get forever home sooner rather than later.
Do you have room on your sofa for our Dillys?



Handsome and Calm Lurcher Lad

In Foster in Surrey


Dear Dara has had a hard life and the scars covering his sweet body are testament to that awful life.  He is safe now in rescue with us and a sweeter gentler boy you could not wish to meet. From day 1 he has mixed and mingled with all the pack in his foster home, both the males and the females.  Dara is clean in the house and is very quiet and peaceful and calm.  He is left uncrated at night in the sitting room with another hound for company and there is not a peep out of him till he is let out in the morning.  He eats nicely and does not counter surf.  He walks beautifully on the lead. He is about 7 years old and would be an amazing friend and companion.  

Dara cannot be homed with small furries but he has no other faults or imperfections.  We did have to try a number of different foods as Dara has a delicate stomach, but he is now fed on a raw diet and his tummy troubles are now sorted.   Please don't overlook this boy because of his scars.  Let him know love and care and a forever sofa... hopefully yours..... soon.



Gorgeous Brindle Boy

Archie is not a Lurcher SOS dog but we will be vetting all the applications and homechecking on behalf of his owner, who sadly cannot meet Archies needs any more.


Archie is 10 months old and a Greyhound x Saluki lurcher.  He is a gorgeous silver brindle color and stands about 25 inches to the shoulder.  He is fully vaccinated.  His owner has had him since he was 8 weeks old.  He is clean in the house and not destructive.  He is very friendly and happy and playful and is good with other dogs.  He would benefit from more exercise and also meeting other dogs to play with.  Although we have not verified this, his owner tells us that Archie had got recall.  Can you give Archie a good home where he will get socialized and exercised more than his current owner can manage?



Gorgeous Young Lurcher 

In Foster in Surrey


Freya at a Lurcher SOS Street Collection


Freya has recently arrived with Lurcher SOS from Ireland.  She is settling in well already.  She is a medium sized lurcher standing at 24 inches to the shoulder.  Freya has been vaccinated and is spayed.  She has met all the dogs in her foster home and is fine with them. Happy to report that this beautiful girl is totally clean in the house.  She also isn't a chewer or a destroyer!  Sleeps through the night.  Good on a lead. Freya is all set to go to a forever home!



Very Small Whippet Cross Lurcher Girl



Whippet/lurcher girl Around 4/5 years old...Beautiful, calm and sweet dog. She is good with other dogs.


Coming Soon


Lovely Tan Lurcher Girl

Currently in Ireland



Pretty Saluki Cross Lurcher Girl


 This is what we have been told so far by the pound...

A female red tan lurcher, think she has some saluki in her, would say about 18 months old at the most, very underweight, very smelly bless her, smells of cow muck, was seen being dumped and left tied to a bench with baling twine, very sweet girl, was in the finders garden when I arrived, when I went to the fence she wanted to come up and be cuddled straight away, was trying to hug me through the fence, cried as soon as I walked away poor girl. Good as gold in the van, happy to be checked all over, very sweet, gentle temperament, good on the lead, sniffed 2 other lurchers through the bars, tail wagging and no aggression shown, loves treats, takes them very gently, climbs up on your lap for fuss, likes an ear rub, tail wags softly all the time, beautiful girl. You can see by the picture, that when this girl has put weight on, had a bath, and been groomed, she is going to be real show stopper, and going to make somebody a fabulous family pet.  Her foster Mommy says:         Cherry is such a happy girl, friendly and playful.  She is so small at only 22 1/2 inches to the shoulder.  She is pretty clean in the house and is not destructive.  She will be ready to go into a forever home in a couple of weeks, once she has been neutered, so get your applications in now!.


Coming Soon


Pretty Greyhound


Some callus person surrendered Bonnie to a pound knowing she was destined to be euthanized after 1 day.  Thankfully our good friends at Dundalk Dog Rescue were able to save her as we had given them a promise to take her. She is about 2 years old.  More about her once she arrives with us.


 Coming Soon


Gorgous Lad


This boy is breathtakingly handsome and was an owner surrender in Ireland.  He is a Saluki cross.  He is safe now with Dundalk Dog Rescue and will be coming to us in about 3 weeks.


Coming Soon


Pretty Little Whippet Cross Girl


This sweet girl was handed over along with Eamon above.  She is not big, about 23 inches to the shoulder and as you can see, very pretty.  More about her when she arrives in about 3 weeks' time.


Coming Soon


Saved From The Streets in Cairo Egypt


This dear little girl was saved from being poisoned in Egypt after we gave our promise to take her.  A lovely Rescue over there has found private boarding for her until she gets her Pet Passport.  We are expecting her in about 4 months.


Coming Soon


Mother to 6 Cyprus Puppies We Saved Last Year


This pretty little girl is about 2 years old and already has had 4 litters of puppies!  Last year we were able to bring 6 of her puppies to safety here in England.  Now the farmer who owned Amelia has given her up and we can bring her under our wing.  She will be arriving with us soon.


Coming Soon


Daughter of Amelia seen above


This girl is from a litter born to Amelia above and is half sister to the Cyprus 6 - which we saved last year.  She is currently in Cyprus getting ready to come to us in the UK.  Hopefully will be with us in a couple months.