Small Young Lurcher
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Little Cinders arrived in our care a few months ago.  She was a very shut down and terrified girl.

Whilst in foster she has made enormous strides forward and we feel she is now ready for a very special and understanding home.

She will need a quiet home with a confident and playful dog,

Here is what her foster Mom has to say about her...

Cinders is doing great and is up on the bed most mornings for a snuggle and some fuss.

She is happy to see me when I get back from work and jumps up at the stairgate. She doesn’t run past me now when coming in from the garden, but sometimes sits for a fuss. She is happy to get on the sofa next to me or for me to get on it next to her. She offers her belly for a rub.

She will tell me when it is breakfast/dinner time. She loves her food.

Cinders has a great personality. She is playful, cheeky, amusing, and also likes to sleep.

She can get a bit bonkers in play, but the girls are so that’s probably rubbed off on her a bit.

Her energy levels are not high. She is happy with her hour walk. She is affectionate, given time.

She is ok with small dogs.

Housetraining.... can be hit and miss. If outside is busy, i.e. people in their gardens, she will tend not to go out - if she is in the garden already, then she is a little easier than before. She now is often the last to come indoors as she is having a good sniff about.

Walks..... I have taken her to the secure field and it is the same as I have used for previous fosters. The first time, she was of course nervous and unsure, but actually relaxed as time went on. The second time she was a lot easier. She does worry about the lead if it tightens, so I use a long line. This is to help her gain confidence with being on lead. At the field, as I called the others back (Cinders on long line), to my surprise she followed suit and on another occasion, I called her and she came to me for lots of treats. She loves her food so I think this will help in a new home.

Cinders can be left up to 4 hours but only if with another hound.

Cinders is looking for a calm and patient home who will give her all the time she needs to trust them. They really need to gain her trust first before taking her on walks.

Cinders is a very sweet girl, with a wonderful personality and when she starts to trust you it is the best feeling in the world.

Her eyes were so full of fear and anxiety to being with and she would often freeze and try and make herself as small as possible. Her eyes are so much softer now and impish! She doesn’t come skidding past now to go back to her spot on the sofa. And she will loiter with interest when I am cooking and jump up at me for bits.

She loves playing with her foster siblings so will need a playful and confident hound.

Direct access to a garden will benefit her – she would love a big garden to run in, but if not, once ready, she would love to go to secure fields to go bananas in. She will need a long line though as sometimes she is not keen to get back in the car!

It is not essential for her to live in a rural/semi rural area, but there needs to be some very quiet/countryside areas for her to go for her initial walks (when ready).

Cinders needs a calm home, adults only, who are around a fair bit for consistency and stability. Preferably with experience of nervous dogs. She needs people to not have expectations or timeframes – to just take each day as it comes.

It would be extremely unfair on her if her adopters expect her to be ‘normal’ whatever that is, in x amount of months.

It is clear Cinders has not experienced much in the way of love or security in her life before rescue She was really underweight and her fur dull. Now she is looking great and she has a lovely shiny coat. She has suffered trauma, neglect and I get the sense she was kept in a shed.

This makes her progress even more incredible.

She is just the sweetest soul and I am immensely proud of her.

Cinders is in foster in Essex


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