Gorgeous Clyde
Sweet Greyhound X Lurcher
  • Male
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Meet gorgeous Clyde who is a greyhound lurcher that came into our care from Cyprus recently.

Here is what his foster Mom says about him.

Clyde is still doing brilliantly. He is a lovely mannered dog. The absolute perfect house guest. He loves a snooze and a cuddle. He also loves all humans and all other dogs that visit. He adores my teenage children probably because they spend a lot of time playing with him (he loves playing with his toys). He has visited friends of ours that have got other dogs (non Lurcher’s) and has been fine and respectful at their houses too.

He is totally clean in the house and has not had a single accident. We have left Clyde for a couple of hours with his foster sister and about an hour on his own and he has been totally fine, on our return he has been patiently sat looking out the window. He may ‘move’ your shoes around the house which makes us laugh every time but he has never damaged or chewed anything.

In my opinion the only thing that Clyde could improve on is that I have labelled him as a ‘frustrated greeter’ out on the lead. He is a happy, playful, friendly lad and he wants to say hello to every dog he meets. With input and advice from members of LSOS he has come on leaps and bounds and as long as he gets the chance to say hello he is fine. Sometimes he doesn’t even want to say hello now he just walks on by 👏🏻😊

I took him to an enclosed field yesterday and he had a proper blast which was great to see. His recall seemed pretty good too. I think it helps that he loves his food!

Clyde would benefit from an active home which will play with him and interact with him. He is a clever boy and has already learnt to ‘sit’ for his treats which he takes very gently.

This lad is going to make such a lovely addition to a family. He really is a fantastic hound ❤️

Clyde needs an adult only home.

Clyde is in foster in Hampshire.

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