Podenco x Erna Puppy
Podenco x puppy.
  • Female
  • Puppy (up to 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Erna is approximately 7 months old and has come from Qatar with her sister Berta. She is a dinky podenco x, who may have a bit more growing to do. Erna is neutered, vaccinated microchipped, deflead and wormed.

Foster Mommy says...

Everything is new to Erna and initially she was very skittish and frightened. In a short space of time she has started to settle and will approach her us for treats and fuss. She is a quick learner and in less than a week has got to grips with housetraining and now only has the occasional accident. She is currently in foster with a mixed pack of six other sighthounds and she loves other dogs. She takes confidence from being in a pack and learns from what the other dogs do, her new family must have at least one other dog to help Erna settle; if they were playful so much the better.

She is still only a pup and enjoys playing with the other dogs and her toys. She likes her walks but would be better walked somewhere quiet as traffic is new to her and she finds it frightening. Erna is very motivated by food and this is really helpful in building a relationship with her and with her training.

Initially her new family will need to take a hands off approach and allow Erna to feel comfortable around them, with kindness and patience they will be rewarded with a super little hound who will be a great addition to their family.

Erna is in foster in Derbyshire. 


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