Adorable dinky Galga Frida
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: Yes

Born: 01/12/2019

Health: Good

Character: Friendly

Coat: Dark brindle

With dogs:  Very good

With cats:  Good

Adults:   Very good

Height: 58 cm.

Frida arrived in the care of Galgos en Familia and didn't waste time in making friends and winning admirers.

This beautiful little bundle of brindle joy is a sweet girl who brings happiness to all she meets.

She is simply adorable - great with people and a bit of a social butterfly. Frida gets on well with other dogs and loves playing - it is her favourite thing to do! She needs another like minded soul who loves to play chase and bitey face. Frida will bring you so much happiness and laughter.

She is super cute, with a tail that goes on forever.



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