Galgo Ella

Galgo Ella
Here is our exquisite Greek Galgo Ella.
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No


A very kind woman, working at an animal shelter in Rhodes, got in touch many months ago, asking if we could help home this beautiful Galgo girl. It was really love at first sight for all of us, but it would be a good few months before she was ready to travel to us, a daunting journey which was not without set backs and uncertainties.

Ella was found living feral in Rhodes. She is but 2 years old. The woman who helped save her had known of this mysterious and elusive hound for a couple of months. She would often go out looking for her and some weeks there was no sight of her at all, seemingly vanished into thin air. It was incredibly hot so the concern was that she had died. She was starved and no doubt dehydrated.

Then one day, to the woman's joy, she spotted her again, this time in a different area. She couldn't believe it. She made it her mission to catch her, and bring her back to the safety of the shelter where she could be cared for. Young Ella was terrified of people.  It took a number of days to get her to safety.

So then began her journey to health.

The woman at the shelter visited Ella daily, helping her to overcome her fears. But really, it seemed, from the first moment they saw each other, there was a trust and understanding between them. This developed with every day and Ella began to show happiness on seeing her friend. The bond between them grew and Ella's confidence began to blossom.

After a long wait, the day had arrived and Ella was ready to come to the UK, which is where she is now!

Amazingly, she is adapting to home life so well, considering her feral history and only some months back, being completely terrified of humans. She is in foster with four saluki's and gets on well with all of them. She is quite a playful girl with a lovely streak of mischief.

She is mostly clean in the house after just one week and is coming up for a fuss and enjoying a few belly rubs. She is an avid counter surfer and loves running around with socks, amongst other items of clothing...

She is still very scared of a lead, but is now able to wear a harness.

Ella's rehabilitation will continue. She will need a very special, experienced, gentle home, with another sighthound or two, with people around quite a bit, who have a nice selection of socks. People who will give her time to trust them and bond. Absolutely no children.


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