Sadly Jessies Dad died so she has come back to Rescue
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Her foster mommy says

Jessie came to us following the sudden death of her owner, she is 8 years old and had lived with him all her life, so her little heart was broken when she came to us, she looked lost and had stopped eating. She has clearly been well cared for and was very much loved as she is in beautiful condition and she just adores human company! Whilst in foster she has lived with our four resident dogs, and whilst this took her a while to adjust to, I think she still finds it all a bit overwhelming at times and would be best suited to living with just one other calm dog. She is a real sweetie and almost perfect in every way! She is clean in the house, non destructive, travels well in the car, is happy to eat her food in the kitchen alongside the other four dogs with no signs of food aggression, she loves going out and walks well on the lead, however she will bark at small dogs or if there are squirrels in the tree’s! She sleeps well all night (preferably on my bed with me, although she will lie in her own bed on the floor when prompted). Once she’s had a walk she is happy to sleep the rest of the day and can be left happily for several hours with no problems (I’ve even got a ‘happy howl’ on my return!). I think Jessie would really suit an older person or couple in a quiet household, and would be happy to live with one other dog for company as she has lived with another dog all her life. It has been a privilege to be Jessie’s foster Mum, and her new owners will be extremely lucky to have this sweet gentle girl in their life!”

Jessie is vaccinated, neutered and has a Pet Passport.

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