Noe Galgo
Very Beautiful Brindle Galgo Girl
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: Yes

Beautiful Noe arrived in the care of Galgos en Familia with her Galga friends Olivia, Lali and Esty and a few others, all handed in by a galguero from Lopera, a town in Jaen.

Noe is breathtakingly beautiful. She is of slight build, and 26 " tts.

She has passed her cat test and is settling in well to her foster home in Surrey, with her two foster fur-sisters. She was initially nervous, but is gaining confidence by the day and is quite happy to come to her foster mum and dad for treats and the other day discovered the wonders of a human bed!

She is a calm girl, and walks beautifully on lead. She takes comfort and confidence from other dogs.

In a new environment, she will be nervous but just needs a bit of time to adjust.

She will need a home with another hound or few and would be best suited to a quiet household. It is important for Noe to have her humans around a lot of the time, to help build trust.  She needs a more rural or semi rural environment - not a busy town or city.  And she also needs a garden to let off steam!!!

In foster in Surrey.

Cat trainable.



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