Beautiful and with a heart of Gold...
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: Yes

Born: 30/08/2013

Health: Good, all negative

Character: Sweet and shy

Coat: Black with white chest and face

With dogs:  Very good

With cats: GOOD

Adults:   Very good

Height: 61 cm.


Reme has turned a corner!  She is full of the joys of Spring and is now really ready for a forever home!


She is so much better but still has the odd moment when she thinks Rachael has turned into a monster  She goes out for her walk begrudgingly still. She looks fantastic, and is now responding to her name and coming to me when I call her, without being suspicious as to why I've called her. Overall, she's becoming more obedient because of the trust factor. But as much as she adores chicken feet, she will NOT take from my hand. I have to put it on the floor and she wont take it until i've moved away.

She adores affection. She would stand all day and be petted. Loves cuddles (you'd think she'd pull back)

She's very happy being around the other dogs, but hasnt been interested in playing with them, although we have caught her throwing toys around and jumping on them!

Reme is another incredible Galga, who has only known a life of abuse and cruelty. She is 7 years old and all her life, has been used as a breeding machine. Galgueros will more often than not give Galgas drugs to make them have more litters. What poor Reme has gone through is very distressing to know.

We are so thankful that she found the safe and loving hands of Galgos en Familia.

She is now in foster in the UK, receiving some very long overdue love, comfort and kindness. She will most certainly need another dog to live with for confidence. This poor girl's trust has been totally shattered and she will need a very gentle, easy home, where she can continue to heal from her past trauma.

Reme is in foster in Surrey.

She is cat friendly!

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