Happy Lurcher
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Meet Tammy who has come to Lurcher SOS from Ireland.

Now that shes settled in foster, we have seen her happy "inner puppy".  She is no more than 2 years old.

She has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms and is ready for a home now.

We would like a home for Tammy with another playful hound and where her owners are around most of the day. 

Foster Mommy Update...

Tammy has settled in really well to our home. She has a great relationship with both Andy and myself and has become a social butterfly. We have been taking her on trains and in the car to go to pubs and friends places and she is very friendly to both people and dogs. She has made a four legged friend on our street and she has enjoyed play dates with our friends mini schnauzer. She is very affectionate and will take any scratchies on offer! Tammy loves her walks and we have taken her both into London city and the countryside. She also loves a snuggle on the sofa with us and wedges herself in between us. She really is just a happy dog that loves life and has a lot of love to give and we think she would do well with parents who enjoy both walks and snuggles!

Her foster Mom says.....

We have had Tammy for 3 weeks and she has settled in very well albeit was pretty nervous the first few days. She is a very gentle girl and although she can be shy of people she has never been aggressive towards them. She is especially happy when she sees another dog.
Tammy started off a bit skittish/startled by loud sounds ie construction, buses, trains, people speaking loudly etc but she has come really far in the last few weeks. She now barely looks up at a passing bus, tram or train now and we have taken her for a few excursions on the tram and train. 
We are generally cautious that when there's a lot going on or loud sounds we stop to give her a pat and/or treat for reassurance. Once relaxed we continue the walk.
She is not your typical lazy lurcher as she loves going for walks - we take her for an hour in the morning and then 2 additional short walks in the afternoon and evening. If we miss these, she is sure to be at the front door ready and waiting to go.
Tammy can be cheeky, so if you're not watching her she can get up to mischief but she listens and will easily turn to her toy when her focus is directed.
She is good at feeding time. She waits and never snatches the food. She is also not possessive over food. She is food/treat driven.
She loves playtime and chasing balls we throw in the backyard. She would benefit with a decent sized yard as she loves a zoomie. We haven't been able to take her off lead but suspect she has no recall.

We have left Tammy in her crate on occasion for up to 2 hours but she would benefit from someone being in the home most of the time.

Tammy is currently in foster in Surrey.

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