Rehomed Dogs

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  • Lilly
    Small Saluki Lurcher girl
  • Lori
    Black Beauty Lori...
  • Yola
    Yola and her magnificent ears!
  • Lia
    Lia is a stunning cream Galga
  • Godello
    Godello we think translates to God of Gorgeousness!
  • Gorgeous Kiki
    Adorable Kiki looking for love...
  • Pam
    Happy and fun loving Galga Pam
  • Reyna
    Reyna was found on the streets in Malaga
  • Graceful Hada
    Elegant Galga Hada
  • Gentle Naia
    Gentle Galga Naia
  • Biznaga
    Beautiful Gentle Biznaga
  • Romulus
    An incredible story
  • Noe
    Very Beautiful Brindle Galgo Girl
  • Poppet Peta
    Stunning little poppet!
  • Jye
    Smooth Coated Saluki X
  • Canela!
    Pretty Galga
  • Pirata
    Spanish Galgo (Greyhound)
  • Delightful Ali
    Bright and chirpy Ali
  • Mar-vellous!
  • Portugal
    Wow! What a handsome boy!
  • Dubh
    Black Stunner
  • riley
    Small Lurcher Boy
  • Marley
    Small and sweet little lurcher
  • Gentle Deefa
    Gentle Deefa