Rehomed Dogs

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  • Blaze in all his glory!
    Yikes! Another stunning Saluki Cross boy!
  • Crystal and her amazing ears
    With Amazing Ears
  • Pretty Luna
    Stunning Merle Girl!
  • Sunbathing Zara
    Zara is a sweet Greyhound Girl
  • Gentleman Henry
    Handsome Brindle Gent Henry
  • Chicco
    Beautiful Chicco!
  • Princess Lurcher
    Pretty Smooth Saluki cross Princess
  • Darling Doris
    Meet our dear Doris
  • Sweet Jessie
    This darling little lurcher girl is now in our care
  • Nina and Narla Whippets
    Nina and Narla
  • Amber
    Wow! Look at this stunning brindle Saluki cross
  • Bonnie BonBon
    Oh good grief! Look at this girl!
  • Beautiful Sherry
    Beautiful Girl
  • Gentle Faye
    Gentle and Calm Girl
  • Georgie Boy
    Poor Georgie boy hasn't had much luck so far.
  • Cutey pie Whippet Georgia
    Cuteypie Whippet Cross Georgia
  • Poppy
    Gorgeous Girl Just In
  • Raven
    Beautiful sweet girl
  • Lilac
    Little Grey Sweetie
  • Orleen
    Orleen sadly found herself in a pound. But not for long!
  • Adorable Lucy
    Small girl with beautiful markings
  • Rock chick Ramona
    Wow! Meet our rock chick Ramona!
  • Holly with cat

    Holly is now Homed!

  • Adorable Lexi
    Beautiful brindle young girl