Annie Galgo

Annie Galgo - RESERVED
Breathtaking beauty....
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Say hello to gorgeous Annie

Her foster mom says......

Annie is an exquisite young Galga.

Since arriving from Spain in March 2021 she has made incredible progress and is well on the way to leaving her troubled past behind.

She is a sweet gentle hound (unless you’re a squirrel) and enjoys meeting well behaved dogs. Annie has lived as an only dog and with a dog brother. Delightful to live with.

Annie is clean in the house, undemanding, friendly, affectionate and sleeps a lot. Annie really appreciates the comfort and safety that she has found while living in foster in the UK, she will form a strong bond with her humans however does not suffer with separation anxiety. Annie loves to look out of windows watching the world go by and will have a few playtimes and garden zooms when she is not enjoying snoozes in any available sunny spot.

Annie walks beautifully on a lead with an incredibly stylish trot. She has a manageable reaction to squirrels, foxes, and cats however this has significantly reduced by using a pro-active and kind technique. She will happily walk past all types of birds, cows, sheep and has been close to horses with no fuss.

Annie prefers to walk in a rural environment rather than a busy urban park. Like many Galgos Annie carries the legacy of man-fear, however she has met so many good, kind men this fear has reduced. It will take patience and love to help Annie to continue to offload her fears and reach her full potential. If you would like to consider giving Annie a forever home please contact or fill in our Adoption Application.

Annie is NOT cat friendly

Annie is in foster in Surrey.


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