A very sweet Galga
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Born: 20/06/2015

Health: Good

Character: Calm and sweet

Coat: Brindle

With dogs:  Good.

With cats:  Not good.

Adults:  Good.

Beautiful Fleki came from the dog shelter La Guarida, in Córdoba and arrived in the care of Galgos en Familia.

It was clear she had been treated severely and needed time to build trust in humans. Sadly, she was at the shelter for a year, and people could not see past her nervousness. We are so happy we have been able to bring her into foster in the UK.

Fleki is a very sweet girl who just needs a gentle family who will give her lot of love and a bit of patience until she get used to her new life. She can be an only dog but would need her humans around most of the time and to have support in feeling secure when left. If homed with another dog, they would need to be calm and placid. She really is a beautiful soul.

Amazingly, after a year at the shelter, she is adapting well to home life. She is a little wary of men so if a male is present in the home, they would need to give her time and space to trust they will not harm her, but already she is trusting her foster dad more and more. 

Fleki has had a cruel life, that is for certain, and she is ideally looking for a calm home, who will continue to build her confidence. She is not hugely energetic and really loves to sleep! She is nervous in busy areas but enjoys walks in quiet places - again, she will gain confidence.

Could you be the one to give beautiful Fleki her forever home after waiting so long?

She is not cat friendly.

Fleki is in foster in Essex.

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