Otis has landed and is a beautiful and intelligent boy...
  • Male
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Please all welcome this absolutely gorgeous heart throb saluki boy boy Otis. 

He ended up in the pound and nobody wanted him. Their loss! He is a delightful young lad.

He is thin but now he is getting some good food, those vitamins and nutrients will be giving his system a little turbo boost!

It is still early days, but so far, he has met his many sighthound foster siblings and has been friendly and polite with all. Amazingly, sits on command does a brilliant 'down' too. A right little clever cloggs.


Oh my goodness, what a delight he is, (if you ignore the fact that he will sneak into the kitchen and raid the bin!)

He is a complete snuggle bum. Clean in the house, not keen on the cold, wet or mud! ( who is?)

He is starting to make some play moves with Piper, Ziggy may take a bit longer as he is a princess!

Walks really well on the lead, not a problem meeting other dogs so far, no cats have been seen, so don't know how reactive he may be or not.

He loves his food but is learning that our meals are not to be begged for.

He will sit for a treat and is very gentle taking it.

I think he will be a wonderful addition to any household.

Not cat friendly.

In foster in Sussex

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