Dog Behaviour & Trainers

Dog behaviours need to be understood
Dog Behaviour & Trainers
Should you need a bit of advice or support for your hound, please do ask for our support or guidance. Should you wish to consult with a dog behaviourist, then please be careful when choosing one.

There are so many people who purport to be dog behaviourists or trainers but sadly lack the scientific knowledge and experience.

STEER WELL AWAY from anyone who uses dominance based methods, those who use terms like ‘alpha’ or ‘balanced leadership.’ Dominance theories have no place in being a good parent to your hound. Dominance theories are outdated, unfounded and extremely harmful.

Dogs do not want to control us or be the boss/take charge. This mode of thinking is dire and will have dire consequences. Dogs actually want to live with us harmoniously and if they are struggling to understand the world, it is our responsibility to help them. This means we need to listen to them, do our best to understand them and not chastise them or see them as bad for making what we perceive is a mistake.

Isn’t it interesting how children can take months to pick up potty training, yet dogs can learn much faster!

They are dogs living in a human world. Humans find the world incomprehensible at the best of times and we don’t ever stop learning. So let’s give these amazing creatures some credit for putting up with us!

Dogs may not communicate the same way as us but they have their own rich vocabulary which we ought to verse ourselves with.

Ensure any behaviourist or trainer you employ uses FORCE FREE, REWARD BASED, POSITIVE methods, and DO NOT use any punitive methods, such as anti-bark collars, choke collars, shouting/yelling/yanking the lead, or any other ‘correction technique.’

These methods are again outdated, unfounded and will not only exacerbate any issue your hound may have but will damage the trust and confidence your dog has developed with you.  No dog deserves to be treated this way. Instead of causing fear/anxiety/distress/pain or total panic, why not try and understand your dog and show them compassion?

The best place to find a behaviourist is via the websites below:
Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Pet Dog Trainers of Europe

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