Galgo Gas

Fellini Galga
Galgo Gas
Another great way to help our Galgos

This is a fun way to help our Galgos.
It costs in the region of £260 to bring over one Galgo (costly but worth every penny).
Want to buy a different sort of gift for a friend or family?

What about buying some Galgo Miles?

Each Galgo has to travel a minimum of 1301 miles. Often they will travel together, with their Galgo friends. Estimated, the cost per Galgo mile is 20p!
You can buy from 10 miles upwards (£2 minimum) and we will update the Galgo Gasometer every week.

If you buy anything over 50 miles (£10+) you will get a really cool Galgo Gas car sticker. Beep beep! These stickers come in different colours - Aqua Green, Grass Green, Red, Olympic Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold!

To buy Galgo miles, you can pay by making one off payments -
Paypal, though you MUST select the sending money to friends/family option. Please state your payment is for Galgo Gas. Paypal address is

BACS (just email for details).
Again, you will need to reference payment as Galgo Gas.


GALGOGASOMETER - 900 miles on the clock!

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