Rosie Rose
Gentle and Loving Lurcher Girl
  • Female
  • Adult (over 1 year)
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Cat Friendly: No

Foster-Mum update.......

Rosie-Rose gets confidence from being unconditionally loved, and from other dogs. She becomes more confident when there are grounded confident dogs around (they don't need to be sighthounds). So, for her to thrive, she needs to be homed with at least one other confident dog. If you have more than one, all the better.

Rosie-Rose needs someone who understands prey-drive - she is really fabulous on the lead, she is gentle, grounded and loves being outside, but she is interested in squirrels (aren't all dogs?) and she wants to chase. I am more than capable of holding her, but she is strong. So if you don't have experience of a dog with a prey-drive, please consider how you will learn and how you will get support to manage her instincts so she and you are safe.

Back to unconditional love..... Rosie-Rose is SO easy to live with, she is clean in the house, sleeps through the night, spends a lot of time in her safe place and whilst she is increasingly spending time downstairs with my hounds and I, that is happening at her pace, in her time. She has been taken from a familiar, likely very cruel environment where she understood the rules. All that she is now experiencing is new to her. I don't think there is much inside a home that she's familiar with. She is still learning that the rules are different. That a pop-up toaster doesn't mean she's in trouble; that a visitor isn't going to hurt her; that she will receive food and treats regularly; that she is unconditionally loved.

If you are prepared to go at her pace, expecting only slow unpacking of her previous pain, she will repay you with loyalty, love, respect, affection (she gives the best kisses) and be a devoted friend for her lifetime.

She really is a wonderful, wonderful hound - with deep eyes, a black soft shiny coat, she's around 29 kilos and 26 inches tts - she's magnificent.

Rosie is in foster in Cardiff

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