Fostering saves dogs
This year, more than ever before, Lurchers and other Sighhounds are ending up in pounds awaiting their fate. We try to help as many as we can.

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But, as we are a foster based rescue with no kennel spaces, before we can bring these dogs into our care, we urgently need foster homes for them.  There have been many, many dogs being surrendered to pounds here and in Ireland.   We are having to turn away desperate appeals for help as we do not have enough foster homes.  Please, if you live in England or Wales and would like to undertake this very worthwhile and rewarding role, get in contact by filling in and emailing back our Fostering Application and help us to help these dogs who are desperately in need.

Getting a dog out of a shelter environment removes the animal from a stressful, noisy environment, where they are isolated in a cage, and puts them in an environment where they can relax and interact with people and other animals. It is much easier to get a good assessment of the animal’s personality in a foster home environment.

Pound animals who come from an abusive background or who are scared in the pound tend to be much more relaxed in a foster home. They can learn to trust while in foster care and become more social.

Foster parents can provide potential adopters with important information.  You will be able to find out all the personality traits of a pet – Is he potty trained? Does he like to fetch? Does he like kids or other animals. What are his little quirks and idiosyncrasies? Does he like to chat……Bark?

But some people shy away from fostering because they fear getting too attached to the animal……

Yes, it can be a very emotional experience when the dog gets adopted and goes on to its permanent home, especially the first time that you foster a dog. I have found that this gets easier as you foster more dogs. As a foster parent, you will most likely be involved in the adoption process. A lot of the emotional issues are relieved when you meet the adopters and you know that the dog is going to a good home. Adopters are usually more than happy to share their email address or phone number with the foster parent and let the foster know how the newly adopted hound is doing. Some will send letters and pictures.

If you would like to help by fostering a Lurcher SOS hound, please fill in our Fostering Application.

Thank You!

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About Your Household

Do you own your home or rent?
If rented we will need to see a landlords letter confirming their permission for you to foster dogs

About Your Work

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Your Property

Is your home a flat or a house?
Does the property open straight on to the street?
Does your home have a garden?
Is the garden boundary fenced or hedged?
Is the garden totally secure and escape proof?
Does your garden have any gates?
Are all gates secured?


Do you have children?
Do you have children visiting your house/garden regularly?
Are these children dog experienced/used to dogs/not afraid of dogs?
Will all interactions between young children and the fostered dog always be supervised?


Do you own any other dogs?
Are your currents dogs' vaccinations up to date?
 (We will require proof of this at homecheck)
Are your current dogs insured?
We will require proof of this at homecheck
Do you own cats?
Do you own any other pets (e.g. house rabbits, caged rabbits, ferrets, rodents, birds etc)?


Do you wish to foster a puppy, an adult or an older dog?
If a puppy, do you have any previous experience of fostering a puppy?
Foster dog gender preference (if any)
Are you willing to foster an unneutered dog or bitch?
Are you willing to foster an unvaccinated dog/bitch?
Have you fostered a dog before?
Have you ever been home checked by another rescue?

Fostering a Sighthound

Have you any previous experience of lurchers/greyhounds/sighthounds/these crosses?
Are you prepared to travel to meet/collect your foster dog?


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