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Friends of Lurcher SOS
Become a Friend of Lurcher SOS and be part of our family!

Friends of Lurcher SOS

Would you like to become a Friend of Lurcher SOS?

This is a new scheme, inviting you, your friends and family to be a part of something great and to become a member of Lurcher SOS.

Your membership will run for a year, at which point, you have the choice to renew or discontinue.

For only £15 a year, you get a membership card, our twice yearly newsletters, and a car sticker.

Should you refer a friend or family member, you will receive a magnet of one of our sponsor Hounds. Your friend/family member will need to email us at,uk upon commencement of membership, stating their relationship to you.

Having our newsletters will give you sneak peaks of what we have been up to, which dogs are arriving, upcoming events and lots of other wonderful stuff, including interviews with our hounds, adopters and foster families.

To become a member, you can pay by making a one off annual payment of £15, either by Paypal or BACS (we will provide you with the details).

If paying by Paypal you MUST select the Sending money to friends/family option.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When making payment, please state what your payment is for.

When you donate through Paypal, please use the Sending Money to Friends and Family option. Please always remember to submit this form too!

If you prefer to set up a Direct Debit, please email us at and we will give you the details of our account

Thank you!

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