Crystal and her amazing ears
Catch up with Lurcher SOS
11 December 2020


Happily homed hounds
Galgas Hada and Naia have been adopted together, which is wonderful. Our Sponsor boy Romulus was adopted by his foster mum and Biznaga has headed off to her forever home too! Oh speaking of foster fails... Pirata was adopted by his foster mum too, as have Nieves and Reyna! Must be something in the water....

Speaking of Galgos, Pam went off to her super forever home with her new brother Chilli, as did Godello who also has a gorgeous lurcher brother called Finn and Frida was snapped up and has a lovely big brother, LSOS hound Fantastic Mr Fergus so they are being fantastic together of course.

Our Saluki Lady was adopted and has gone to live with her LSOS brother Rufus, also a saluki! And gorgeous Kiki has landed her dream home and is settling in beautifully.

New arrivals
We have recently welcomed two new gorgeous girls - Holly and Lori. We will let you know more about them soon.

Project Galgo
We have now found forever homes for Pamela and Clara, Olivia, Esty, Fellini, Alegria, Mar, Canela, April, Ali, Napoli, Portugal, Biznaga, Romulus, Pirata, Noe, Hada and Naia, Nieves, Reyna, Pam, Frida and Godello! 

We now have our new Sponsor a Galgo scheme and every penny goes towards transporting more of these wonderful and brave souls to us from Spain, in turn enabling Galgos en Familia in Spain to save more. Yola, Cassie, Malta, Marvel, Reme, Fleki, Hacha and our first Podenco of Project Galgo, Bilma, Candela, Mono and Macarena are all in our lovely foster homes now.

Friends of Lurcher SOS

We have now launched our Friends of Lurcher SOS Membership where for £1 a month, or £12 a year, you have access to quarterly newsletters, and also get a car sticker and membership card.

New Newsletters

 'The Nose' newsletters beautifully designed and edited by Beth at Limeflower PR, featuring our very own Spike, are now out in the world and part of our Sponsor and Membership packs. These newsletters are brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) with up to date news, highlights, surprises and are a must for any sighthound fan.

Galgo Gas!

A fundraising scheme for Project Galgo has now been launched!


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