Crystal and her amazing ears
Catch up with Lurcher SOS
20 May 2021

Homing during Covid

We are still homing during this time but any potential adopter must be willing to travel to meet the dog in their foster home.. All our foster homes adhere to strict social distancing measures.

Happily homed hounds
Marvel was a marvellous foster fail, with his mum who fell hook, line and sinker for this super boy - kapow! Went Cupid's arrow, straight to the heart. Beautiful Saluki girl Sherry is now living the dream with her puppy lurcher brother and the two are enjoying cosying up on the sofa and the bed! Love's young dream...

New arrivals
We have recently welcomed gorgeous Reece Barley and Jazz into the family!

The Galgo Initiative
We have found forever homes for Pamela and Clara, Olivia, Esty, Fellini, Alegria, Mar, Canela, Ali, Napoli, Portugal, Biznaga, Romulus, Pirata, Noe, Hada and Naia, Nieves, Reyna, Pam, Godello, Yola, Cassie, Malta, Hacha, Becca, Mariposa, Bilma, Macarena, Marvel, Fleki, Mono, Cande and Frida! Who will be next?! Watch this space!

Friends of Lurcher SOS

We have now launched our Friends of Lurcher SOS Membership where for £15 a year, you have access to quarterly newsletters, and also get a car sticker and membership card.

New Newsletters

 'The Nose' newsletters beautifully designed and edited by Beth at Limeflower PR, featuring our very own Spike, are now out in the world and part of our Sponsor and Membership packs. These newsletters are brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) with up to date news, highlights, surprises and are a must for any sighthound fan.




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