Help us

There are many ways you can help us help our hounds - pick from an option below.
  • Fostering saves dogs
    This year, more than ever before, lurchers and other sighhounds are ending up in pounds awaiting their fate. We try to help as many as we can.
  • Sponsor A Hound
    Sadly, not all of our rescue dogs are successfully rehomed, some arriving after suffering unimaginable cruelty and abuse. These dogs stay with us at Lurcher SOS and become long term fosters.
  • Street collections help our hounds
    Collectors are always wanted. Street Collections are a great way to promote lurchers and Lurcher SOS and help us to home more dogs.
  • Proud to own a calendar
    Tune in folks because we are here to unveil our long awaited 2020 Lurcher SOS calendar! That’s right! The time has come to celebrate the wonder and glory of our dearly beloved hounds who many of us are slaves to!
  • Leave A Legacy
    Leaving a legacy is an amazing act of kindness.
  • Looking to help
    We have many other ways you can help our hounds.